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"The current process of the realization of Industry 4.0 in machine automation in the German machinery industry"

1. Realization structure and prospect

2. The degree of realization

3. The machine-related changes

4. The machine-overall changes

4 parts, 200 pages, 500 statements

Interview about the new study


Market investigation about the realization of Industry 4.0

Market survey in German machinery industry about robots to 2018

Sector report robotics and automation

Robotics + automation – growth sector in machinery industry

Dynamic growth compared to machinery industry

Growth expectations until 2018 above average

L'analisi di settore per l'industria meccanica

L'analisi di settore macchine confezionatrici

Industry analysis of rubber and plastics machines

Tendency to value-added machines, export markets shifting back, Germany's high market shares in the EU

German machinery industry 2016: Trend to value-added machines, production and sales moving sideways

Production and sales - outlook for 2016

Weakening domestic sales Jan/May 2016

Crisis indicator by 2% over pre-crisis level in 2015

Export markets of German machinery industry

Costruttori di macchine in Germania sono soddisfatti con IO-Link, da qui al 2016 si prevede una forte espansione

Quest ricerca: La soddisfazione con IO-Link

Costruttori di macchine valutano IO-Link

Increasing market penetration of real time Ethernet and Safety Ethernet in the German machinery industry

Market shares of real time Ethernet protocols

Safety Ethernet growing reluctantly

Machine-builders demanding compatibility of protocols

Unstable supply situation of rare earths: Backdrops

The market structure of rare earths for automation technology

Increasing use of robots in the F&B industries until 2014

53% of the manufacturers of food and packaging machines are already implementing robots at the machines. The article reports how this use will develop until 2014 based on the Quest study. more...

The two main trends in automation technology since 1980

The two main trends in automation technology and how these trends affect the current and future suppliers' market structure. more...

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