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Position of the worldwide ten largest carmakers in China

In China the market share of the ten largest carmakers is lower than on the world market

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October 22nd, 2015 - Nearly 72% of all worldwide produced automobiles roll from the assembly belts of the ten largest automobile manufacturers.


In China, however, this applies only to more than each second vehicle (58.5%).


So the position of the ten worldwide largest carmakers is a little weaker in China than on the world market. Their position, however, compared to those of the ten leading Chinese car manufacturers has significantly been improved.

The market shares of the worldwide ten largest automakers in China 2014.

In China the market shares of the worldwide ten largest carmakers reach from 3% to 36%

Six of the ten manufacturers produce 20% and more of their total production in China, in particular GM and VOLKSWAGEN with a proportion of more than one third.


  • So GM and VW shifted more than one third of their total production to China by 2014. In 2000 just 0.4% of the GM cars and six percent of the VW cars were produced there.

  • The auto production of PSA occurs to one quarter in China. In the year 2000 only 2% of the PSA vehicle was manufactured there.

  • Nissan assembles almost one fifth of its vehicles in China. In the year 2000 this value stood at zero.

One of the ten manufacturers, Ford, shifted 15% of its total production to China.


Three of the ten leading automobile manufacturers are showing market shares of fewer than 10%. These are the world market leader Toyota (9.2%), Suzuki (8.8%) and Fiat Chrysler (2.5%).

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