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How Industry 4.0 is distinguished from high automation

Machine-builders sometimes claim they had already implemented Industry 4.0 “years ago” in the automation of their machines. So Industry 4.0 is not news to them. They are right  – and they aren't on the other hand. Because what matters is the context of the machine-builders’ changes. more...

Industry 4.0:
To which extent it is accepted in practice

Networking: Development stages towards Industry 4.0

Market survey: How Industry 4.0 is realised in machine automation

Salees of machinery industry in euro from 2008 to 2016.

Sales in July 2016: Continuing slight growth on one-year base

In July sales down from €21.3bn to €17.5bn below yearly average of €18.8bn. The latter still near its top since 2008. more...

Robotics + automation: Dynamic growth sector of machinery industry

Compared to the machinery industry the sector robotics and automation is showing a dynamic growth. However, the impact of the four product segments on this growth is quite different.  more...

Growth expectations of the sector rubber and plastics machines compared to machinery industry to 2018.

Rubber and plastics machines compared to machinery industry: Growth expectations to 2018

The growth expectations are differentiated and more reserved than in machinery industry. more...

Costruttori di macchine in Germania sono soddisfatti con IO-Link, da qui al 2016 si prevede una forte espansione

Quest ricerca: La soddisfazione con IO-Link

Costruttori di macchine valutano IO-Link

Ethernet at machines

Increasing market penetration of real time Ethernet and Safety Ethernet in the German machinery industry

Market shares of real time Ethernet protocols

Safety Ethernet growing reluctantly

Machine-builders demanding compatibility of protocols

The world regions of automobile production from 2000 to 2015.

World region automobile production: Shift to Asia

The world region of automobile production has drastically been changing since 2000. more...

Increasing use of robots in the F&B industries until 2014

53% of the manufacturers of food and packaging machines are already implementing robots at the machines. The article reports how this use will develop until 2014 based on the Quest study. more...

The two main trends in automation technology since 1980

The two main trends in automation technology and how these trends affect the current and future suppliers' market structure. more...

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