Industry 4.0
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Networking according to Industry 4.0 in machinery industry.

Networking and Industry 4.0: Development stages of machine-builders

The networking's real development stages toward Indutry 4.0 highlights this report. more...

Acceptance of Industry 4.0 in machinery industry.

Relevance in practice of Industry 4.0: Acceptance of machine-builders

Which relevance in practice Industry 4.0 provides for machine-builders highlights this report based on a comprehensive market survey. more...

The degree of realization of Industry 4.0 in the sectors of the German machinery industry.

Industry 4.0 in the sectors: Degree of realization

The stages of development Industry 4.0 is being realized in the sectors of the German machinery industry documents and systemizes the market survey from Quest TechnoMarketing. more...

Foto Thomas Quest

Market study to Industry 4.0: Interview with Thomas Quest

Thomas Quest presents the emphases, methods and the new approach the comprehensive market survey regarding Industry 4.0 in the German machinery industry applied to. more...

Symbol picture Industry 4.0

How Industry 4.0 is distinguished from high automation

Machine-builders sometimes claim they had already implemented Industry 4.0 “years ago” in the automation of their machines. They are right  – and they aren't on the other hand. more...

Besucher SPS Messe 2015

SPS IPC Drives fair 2015: Feedback on interesting emphasis

Machinen-builders giving feedback on components or solutions providing advantages for their applications. And what they could pick up to Industry 4.0. more...

Feedback machinety industry on Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0: Feedback from machine-builders to engineering and Industry 4.0

As part of a representative market survey machine-builders provided their feedback to the topic what Industry 4.0 is supposed to mean for the engineering of the machines until 2017. more...

Injection moulding machine and freeformer from Arburg.

Arburg and Industry 4.0: Individualized products and traceable bulk goods

Arburg demonstrates during its Technology Days in March 2016 how Industry 4.0 may work in production. more...

Foto of Heinrich Hiesinger, ThyssenKrupp.

ThyssenKrupp: Heinrich Hiesinger zu Rolle und Anwendungen von Industrie 4.0

Heinrich Hiesinger beleuchtet wesentliche Aspekte von Industrie 4.0 für ThyssenKrupp. mehr...

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