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Technological innovations in China

This is a listing of technological innovations from China. It is based on newspaper reports that are cited in each case. It serves as a first step to facilitate an assessment of the technological development in China. An assessment of these innovations will not be made for the time being.


This listing will be supplemented on an ongoing basis and later broken down into focal points. The main source is English-language Asian newspapers.

Military: Over-the-Horizon (OTH) radar programme developed

January 9th, 2019
- Chinese scientists have developed as radar system that can constantly detect an area the size of India. Other than land-based radar systems it is of compact size and can be implemented mobile on warships making it possible to spot approaching adverse warships, aircrafts or missiles much earlier than before.  

With the previous technology China was only able to capture 20% of the water area China counts as its sphere of influence and interest. These are the South China Sea, Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. The new technology covers the whole area of China’s interest.  

There is no further information about the functionality of this "Over-the-Horizon" radar system.  

The US-American defence contractor Raytheon Company was granted a patent for a similar system in 2016. This system consists of a transmitting vessel and several receiving ships with antennae mounted on the deck in order to pass on the signals to aircraft carries via satellite or airborne relays. Raytheon’s system has a detection range of 620 miles and covers an area about the size of India.  


Chen, Stephen: „Chinese navy’s new ‘compact’ radar will allow it to keep watch over an area the size of India”
(January 9th, 2019), in: South China Morning Post, on (called on January 9th, 2019).

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