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Readers giving feedback

Mr Juergen Wiedemann, Head of Electrical Engineering, Laempe & Mössner GmbH


The Quest Trend Magazine is okay. It is significant and there is always something new about technology and industry. (December 7th, 2012)



Mr Andreas Schöller, Head of Electrical Engineering, Eisenmann AG

I think the articles in the Quest Trend Magazine are very interesting. I really like to read it. (December 3rd, 2012)

Mr Josef Margraf, Teamcoordinator Planning Automation Technology, AUDI AG

I have read some interesting articles in your “Quest Trend Magazine”. In general this magazine is one of the few I take, if also not immediately, the time for reading. (April 20th, 2010)



Mr Martin Otto, Head of the Electrotechnical Department, Hastamat Verpackungstechnik GmbH,

The Quest Trend Magazine Online makes a good impression. We use statements about the general trend, of course, in order to evaluate our own control system concepts. It proves true now that we made the right decisions in the past. With the use of touch panels and the integration of control system and operation in one device we can offer our customers a large number of additional benefits.

The supremacy of Siemens is not any longer in whole as strong as in the past. So I see our early decision for B&R as system supplier acknowledged.

For our evaluation of the future technical development qualitative statements about the changes that can be expected are very desirable. In addition the individual statements (of the machine-builders), recorded in the Quest Trend Magazine Online, are also important for me pursuing the actions in the market place.

Of course, our own observational research of the competition can grasp just some segments and not the complete overview of the machinery industry.

I think an additional folder would make sense that contains former articles in order to read them later on. (April 19th, 2010)



Mr Thorsten Hoes, Head of Development Department, Ferromatik Milacron

The Quest Trend Magazine is useful as an informative overview. I look for new trends in general be it for control systems or for drives. Therefrom we do not let dispose our own decisions but want to see in which direction the market moves. We want to filter out where are the hot spots. For this purpose the print edition together with the online edition are compact sources of information. (April 7th, 2010)



Mr Bauch, Grenzebach Maschinenbau GmbH

I have got the Trend Magazine, however, did not read it yet due to time problems. I will look at the new online version this weekend. In the Trend Magazine I am mostly interested in trends regarding the drive technology towards decentralised drives or to what extent the PC takes over control tasks.

What is still missing for us as a system supplier and what would be really of interest is - what is the trend at the end-users? That is why it helps us just a little if we develop something to which the customer says it is a beautiful thing but I do not want it in such a way. Although we get the customer’s feedback via our sales department, however, this represents just a limited sector of our customers. If the Trend Magazine online contains the end-user industries it is exactly that I would gladly know.

About 10 people from the development and planning departments read my copy of the Trend Magazine. So it is helpful to see, if we are going to go new paths, does this correspond to the trend? Additionally there are also niche products for which one looks for acknowledgment. (March 16th, 2010)



Mr Popp, Anthon GmbH

As I get the Trend Magazine I read it also because it is positive that the trends are user-referred described. How others are applying the automation technology for practice, I’m interested in, mainly in trends regarding converters and PLC. The print edition of the Trend Magazine is still read by at least 3 further colleagues. I will look at the online edition. It is good that it is to be read also world-wide via the English version. (March 15th, 2010)



Mr Schrader, Albert Handtmann Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG

I read the Trend Magazine so far just in case results of surveys are published we took part in. As far as I see the Trend Magazine is tailored to the suppliers. That means that the Trend Magazine asks the users regarding the futures direction the users want to go so that the suppliers (of the automation products) can develop the suitable products. I think that is definitely good. Since we produce machines for the food industry I feel it as right decision that the Trend Magazine refers now also to these end-users. I still pass my copy to my colleague in the software development. I will now look at the online version likewise because including the end-users meets the approach we back. (March 12th, 2010)



Mr Rippen, Waltec Maschinen GmbH

To read the Trend Magazine depends on whether I have time. Above all I’m interested in new products or solutions, e.g. regarding drive technology. For this purpose the Trend Magazine is very interesting. The new online version I could not look at yet because I have less and less time. (March 11th, 2010)



Mr Fuchs, Homag Holzbearbeitungssysteme AG

I read the Trend Magazine regularly, however, not everything. The article regarding energy-efficient drives was particularly interesting because we are working on this topic. I think the Trend Magazine is fairly good. It meets always actual topics. (February 17th, 2010)


Mr Dipl Ing Hartmut Davidson, KRONES AG

I am a regular reader of the Trend Magazine, above all I’m interested in drive technology. Colleagues are more interested in control technology and field buses. I think it is very positive to present the trends from the point of view of the users. Mostly these trends are conform with our experiences to almost 100%. This is for me an important confirmation I often use in discussions with colleagues or suppliers. Often I draw up 5 or 6 copies of my copy, the original I do not leave to others. The Trend Magazine is very clear because concise, all important aspects are covered. Very good. (February 19th, 2010)



Mr Wallenstein, DS Technologie Werkzeugmaschinenbau GmbH

Sometimes it is simply not possible to read the Trend Magazine for temporal reasons. We are strongly interested in field buses, Ethernet-based field buses, where the journey will go and which concrete points will have an influence in this context. We will particularly use the Hanover Fair to check these points. The Trend Magazine shows us the ideas of the colleagues in the machinery industry, what is mainly used, these aspects we are very strongly interested in. I pass my copy of the Trend Magazine, according to whether the topics are interesting for us, to 2 or 3 up to 10 colleagues for reading. I could not look at the new online edition yet. (February 22nd, 2010)



Mr Huxoll, Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik ADOLF WALDRICH GmbH

I read the Quest Trend Magazine more or less intensively and I think it is good to get an overview. To read how the users deal with the automation technology is very positive. Apart from me a handful of colleagues read my copy. I haven’t looked at the new online edition yet. (March 5th, 2010)

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