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Product segments of conveyor 2017

The four product segments of the sector conveyor

Update June 25th, 2018 - The sector conveyor can be divided into four product segments: Passenger and freight elevators, continuous conveyors, rack feeder and other conveyor technology.

This subdivision takes into account the type and scope of automation technology in the product segments. Automation technology, as offered by the majority of its manufacturers, is mainly used in the first three product segments of conveyor. In the largest product segment "other conveyor technology", the focus is on special solutions or electromechanical applications.

Product segments of conveyor 2017.

Other conveyor absorbs 87% of this sector's units including equipment for moving rail vehicles, cable cars, other machines, etc. for loading, unloading and parts for conveyors.

The remaining 13% are continuous conveyors (9% of the sector's units), passenger and freight elevators (3%) and rack feeder (1%).

The average values per unit in euros indicate rack feeder that are equipped with particularly intensive automation. In 2017, almost 3,800 rack feeder machines were produced.

Average value in the product segments of conveyor 2017.

The 22,200 passenger and freight elevators produced follow with an average value of €34,160.

After all, the almost 70,000 continuous conveyors come to €7,000 each.

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