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Production and sales of German machinery industry in July 2018

Growth trend of production and sales in German machinery industry at 3.2% per year in July 2018

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This report combines multi-year trends with monthly status of production and sales in the German mechanical engineering. However, associations and official statistics separate both in favor of a mechanical comparison to previous month or year. Thus long-term effective trends are losing sight of. A separate trend report publishes the trends in production and sales from 2008 to 2017. As sales in euro are published delayed in time by the Federal Statistical Office publishes, so our analysis of these numbers.

Update September 17th, 2018 – The production of the German machinery industry has been showing a growth trend since March 2017 that counts for a growth of 3.2% per year to July 2018.

The growth trend is defined by Quest Trend Magazine as moving yearly average of the production indexes published by the Federal Statistical Office.

This growth trend, established in 2017, replaced a stage of stagnation, which started in July 2012. Since this point in time until July 2018 the trend growth of production is 0.7% p.a. So production of the German machinery industry has not altogether rid itself of the stagnation yet. This visualizes the upper and lower lines from 2012 to 2018 in the diagram below.

Production machinery industry in Germany from 2008 to 2018.

In July 2018 production trend reached with 105.9 index points its highest value in ten years since the outbreak of the world economic crisis.

Sales too are keeping on their growth trend in 2018 that has already been established in 2014.

Sales growing by 3.2% per year since the end of 2014

Sales of the German machinery industry have been showing a trend to slight growth since November 2014, continuing in 2018 by now.

This growth trend, measured by the moving yearly average of monthly sales as they are published by the Federal Statistical Office, is showing a growth rate of 3.2% per year from November 2014 to July 2018.

Sales of German machinery industry from 2008 to 2018.

Currently the same average growth rates in production and sales are signaling an end to the prevailing tendency to express increased high quality of machines from Germany, their increased performance and functionality in correspondingly rising prices.

Sales trend of machinery industry in euro peaking again in July

The sales trend of the machinery industry is determined as yearly moving average of the monthly sales numbers in euro. The current growth trend of sales in euro startet in February 2014 at a value of €17.7bn.

In July 2018 it reached with €20.5bn its highest value since the outbreak of the global economic crisis. The sales trend's growth rate stands at 3.3% per year from initial 2014 up to mid 2018.

The slight growth trend of sales is combined with distinct fluctuations around a slow increasing growth line in the course of several years. This phenomenon is visualized by an extra report for the time since 2000. Fluctuations of sales becoming ever larger.

Sales of machinery industry in euro in Germany from 2008 to 2018.

Growth expectation of German machine-builders to 2020

Growth expectation of German machine-builders in regard to their machine production to 2020 hightlights a separate report to results of a market survey from Quest TechnoMarketing.

The export markets in the long-term analysis

The export markets of the German machinery industry, the concentration of the export markets as well as the declining absorbing power of most of the export markets for German machine exports highlights several reports with long-term analyses.

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