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Growth expectations in the sector machine tools

Growth expectations to machine tools match those in machinery industry

The production of machine tools grew by 0.5% more strongly than that in machinery industry. How do influence these results of the industry report machine tools the machine-builders' growth expectations of this sector?

Update June 11th, 2018 - In contrast to production, sales could increase by 5% above those of machinery industry. Foreign sales of machine tools worked as driving force, exceeding those of machinery industry by 11%.

The growth expectations are not related to sales but to machine production of machine tools. They match with 5.8% p.a. to 2020 those of the machinery industry with 5.5%.

Growth expectations of the machine-builders in the sector machine tools until 2020 compared to machinery industry.

Production of machine tools persists still below the pre-crisi level by 2017 just like that of the machinery industry as a whole. Accordingly 39% of the machine-builders of machine tools does not expect any growth to 2020 or even a setback (3%). The related values in the machinery industry lie on similar level.

The share of machine-builders of machine tools expecting an annual growth of over 20% exceeds that of the machinery industry. This is obviously influenced by above average expectations in regard to export markets that are stronger in growth and sales.

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