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Export structure of packaging machines 2017

Packaging machines slightly more strongly focused on growth markets

Symbol picture for exports.

This report compares the export markets and export regions of packaging machines with those of mechanical engineering for 2017. And it highlights the export markets, which absorb the lion's share of packaging machines.

A separate report deals with the trends in the export markets and regions of rubber and plastics machinery since 2008.

July 27th, 2018 - A comparison with mechanical engineering clearly shows that packaging machines are somewhat more strongly focused on growth markets.

A report about global industrial production since 2008 and another report about the development of machine exports from Germany to these regions examine the extent to which these are growth markets.

The manufacturers of packaging machines

  • export to the stagnant countries of the European Union with 34% export share relatively fewer than the machinery industry altogether with 49%

  • are less strongly focused with 13% on the somewhat more dynamic BRIC countries and on the still continuously growing China (7%) than the machinery industry

  • use more strongly the growth dynamics of the MIST countries with 9% export share than the machinery industry

  • benefit more from the temporary stimulation in the US (12%) than the machinery industry.

A glance at the development of the export regions of packaging machines since 2008 shows that this somewhat stronger orientation toward growth regions than in machinery industry has been weakening since 2014.

The export shares of packaging machines in the EU, the USA, to China, the BRIC countries and the MIST countries 2017 compared to machinery industry.

63% of exports of packaging machines going to 22% of the export countries

The export structure of packaging machines is very concentrated.

  • 63% of the machine exports going only to 22% of the export countries.

The ten export-strongest EU countries for packaging machines cover 27% of all exports. Eight of these European Union-countries establish the top for all three product segments of packaging machines. These are in alphabetic order the EU countries Austria, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain. The EU countries Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Irland, Romania and Sweden form only for single product segments the top flight of the EU exports.

Shares of exports and export countries with packaging machines 2017.

Further ten export countries cover 35% of all exports.

These are the four BRIC countries (13%), the four MIST countries (9%) and the US and Japan (13%). 78% of the remaining 72 export countries take in contrast only 38% of all exports.

The export structure of the German machinery industry shows an even higher degree of concentration.


1 The official statistics determines value as production, evaluated to selling prices without value added tax. So the difference to the turnover lies mainly in changes of inventories, i.e. value may be understood as turnover with good approximation.

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