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Growth expectations to packaging machines and in machinery industry

Growth expectations to packaging machines to 2020 as in machinery industry

This report compares the growth expectations of the sector packaging machines to 2020 to those in the machinery industry on the base of the market survey Quest TechnoMarketing carried out in 2017 about the future of the use of servo drives to 2020.

Update June 11th, 2018 - The industry report about packaging machines shows the long-term trend that production of packaging machines grew by almost the same low growth rate as machinery industry did. Sales, however, could grow as twice as high as those of machinery industry.

How is this development reflected by the growth expectations of the sector to 2020 compared to the machinery industry?

Growth expectations of packaging machine-builders to 2020 in line with machinery industry

Packaging machine-builders expect machine production to grow by yearly 5.5% to 2020, the same expectation the entire machinery industry is showing.

Growth expectations to 2020 to packagung machines compared to machinery industry.

The ranges of growth are differently distributed between packaging machines and machinery industry. However, no uselful insights can be generated by this fact as all the differences merge together into the common average size of 5.5% p.a. growth to 2020.

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