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Growth expectations in the sector Food Processing Machines

Growth expectations in food processing machines to 2020 lower than in machinery industry

The sector food processing machines in the German machinery industry has been growing somewhat more strongly compared to the entire machinery industry. From 2014 to 2017 its production grew by 3% and sales by 2% more strongly than those of machinery industry as the sector report food processing machines highlights.

Update June 11th, 2018 - The expectations of the machine-builders with food processing machines for the growth of their machine production to 2020 are lower than those in the machinery industry. Manufacturers of food processing machines expect a growth of 3.3% p.a. compared with machinery industry at 5.5% p.a. to 2020.

Growth expectations of the machine-builders in the sector food processing machines until 2020 compared to machinery industry.

The below average character of these growth expectations does not reflect the slight above average development of production and sales of food processing machines since 2014.

Instead, a stable underlying trend shows up in the growth expectations to 2020. None of the manufacturers of food processing machines expect a setback, only a third (33%) sees no growth. Both expectations add up to 45% in the machinery industry.

55% of the manufacturers of food processing machines expect a growth of up to 10% p.a. to 2020. The reference is only 38% for the machinery industry.

11% of the manufacturers of food processing expect a growth of more than 10% p.a., in the machinery industry 17%.

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