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IO-Link – continuously step by step introduced in more and more sectors from 2007 to 2011

71% of 300 machine-builders responded to IO-Link with positive feedback and constructive pros and cons in the year 2007. The related report is still available in the Quest Trend Magazine Online (heading machinery industry/sensors). 1% of the machine-builders already used IO-Link at that time or intended this definitely.



IO-Link - continuously step by step introduced

May 4th, 2011 - Since then the machine-builders have been using IO-Link continuously

  • step by step
  • by and by in more and more sectors.


The implementation of IO-Link shows neither an erratic upward development nor a tough stagnation but a development that is quite typical for the careful implementation of a new technology.


Introduction of IO-Link in the German machinery industry from 2007 to 2011.

Since four years in succession the portion of the machine-builders, intending to implement IO-Link, have been increasing. This year the portion has reached 12% of the investigated scarcely 250 machine-builders.


The careful approach preceding the series usage is clearly expressed also this year:

  • „Regarding IO-Link one makes a test at 1 machine this year and if that run well, all systems will be equipped in such way.“ (Food processing machines)

  • „One is testing the use of IO-Link at 2 machines.“ (Conveyer)
  • „In 2011 tests will be with IO-Link (1 machine) and RFID (3 machines).“ (Wood processing machines)
  • „One “fancies” IO-Link and would like to test it at one machine this autumn.“ (Rubber/plastics machines)
  • „IO-Link is already partially implemented. One would want to further expand this use at 10 machines, if there were small modules available for high-performance connections.“ (Building/glass/ceramic machines)

„…benefits from IO-Link not reasonably communicated yet“

A packaging machine-builder asserts:

  • In the consideration is IO-Link but the customer must deal with it. The benefits were not reasonably communicated yet according to my opinion.“

IO-Link are using more and more sectors

IO-Link in sectors of the German machinery industry 2007 - 2011.

More and more sectors are using and testing IO-Link.Year by year the number of sectors has been increasing and achieved nine of ten sectors in 2011.









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