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Chinese and world market leaders of auto production in China

The market shares of the world auto leaders and the Chinese market leaders are nearing in China

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June 4th 2018 - China has become the number one of the world automobile production. This is the result of both its rapid economic development and the internationalization of world-wide automobile production since the turn of the millennium.


The worldwide ten largest car manufacturer produce over 67.8% of the worldwide automobiles (2016). Their portion at the automobile production in China is at 46.0%.


Which position shows the Chinese automobile manufacturers themselves? The following overview shows the ten largest Chinese car manufacturers with their production for the Chinese market.

The market shares of Chinese automobile manufacturers 2016.

These ten largest Chinese automobile companies covering 41.8% of the Chinese car market in the year 2016. How has been developing their market shares in comparison to that of the ten world market leader of the automobile production in China?

The Chinese market leaders shorten the gap to the world market leaders during growing car production in China

The relation between the Chinese market leaders and the world market leader in automobile production is coined by fierce competition.


The Chinese automobile production grows from 2010 to 2016 by 54% (the index rises from 100 to 154.0).


From 2010 to 2011 the market share of the Chinese market leaders at the car production in China explodes from 34% to 47%. However, that is already the maximum value so far. One year later the market share drops to 44% despite a growing automobile production.

The market shares of Chinese market leaders and world market leaders in auto production in China from 2010 to 2016.

2013 China’s automobile production grows by almost 15%. However, the Chinese market leaders cannot profit from this growth. On the contrary. Their market share is even more strongly reduced from 44% to 41%.

This development continues in 2014. Auto production in China climbs by 7.3% but the market share of the Chineses market leaders dwindles again from 42% to 41%.


There are the world market leaders of the auto industry raising their production more strongly than automobile production in China is growing, thereby increasing their market shares. This rise in market share happens initially step by step. Then the market share bounces up in 2013 from 51% to 56% and increases again to 59% in 2014.


Stagnant markets in the industrialized countries as well as in the developing countries, which worked as growth engines of the world economy in former times forcing the world market leaders in China to their largest efforts with fierce competition.


2015 the market share of the ten world market leaders in China drops to 46% while car production in China is growing by only 3.3%. But the Chinese market leaders can't increase their market share. 2016 car production in China increases by almost 15%, however, the gap between der market shares of the world market leaders and the Chinese market leaders remains unchaned at four percentages.

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