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Position of the worldwide ten largest carmakers in China in 2017

The market share of the worldwide ten largest carmakers is lower in China than on the world market

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July 2nd, 2019 - Two thirds (66.8%) of all worldwide produced automobiles roll from the assembly belts of the worldwide ten largest automobile manufacturers.


In China, however, this applies only to fewer than each second vehicle (44%).


So the position of the ten worldwide largest carmakers is weaker in China than on the world market. Their market shares and those of the ten leading Chinese car manufacturers there are on the same level in 2017 for the first time.

The market shares of the worldwide ten largest automakers in China 2017.

The worldwide ten largest carmakers produce nearly 20% of their entire production in China

On the average the ten world market leaders manufacturer 19% of their production in China. Four of the ten manufacturers produce lie over this average:


  • VW shifted almost 40% of its total production to China by 2017. In 2000 6% of the VW cars were produced there.

  • GM produces almost every third of its car in China. This is one reason why Trump cannot persue his provocation strategy against China.

  • Nissan lets manufacture a quarter of its production in China.

Toyota and Honda keep silent about their production numbers in China. So the table indicates the numbers for 2016.

Just two of the ten leading automobile manufacturers show market shares of fewer than 10%. These are Fiat (0.7%) and Renault (1.8%).

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