"Step by step implementation of ProfiNet..."

I have read some interesting articles in your “Quest Trend Magazine”. In general this magazine is one of the few I take, if also not immediately, the time for reading.


Regarding “trend to Ethernet field buses” I give you the following information: Meanwhile we have installed ProfiNet at several new lines in the production sector bodyshop.

The implementation of an Ethernet based field bus can only be gradually realised. Meant that regarding the first two large-scale projects we installed ProfiNet at first at the “field level (cell control system)” according to our control techniques architecture. The target thereby was to handle the real time data (typical field bus data) and the programming/parameter setting or data protection via ONE installation.

Regarding the actual large-scale project we are planning area-wide also to integrate the personnel safety, means Profinet Safe. Only after these steps we will carry over this technique to the process level.

(Mr Josef Margraf, Teamcoordinator, Planning automation technology, AUDI AG)

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