"Too many standards..."

As a manufacturer of machine tool we feel the problem that the control suppliers offer too different standards.

More and more we are developing towards a manufacturer of special machines for sheet metal, aluminium and steel forming. Our customers call for high requirements to the development of our innovations. Each of the customers needs different feeders, other handling and other robotics for the material handling. We keep up with these requirements and always swim on the wave of the newest technology by mastering the complex interaction of the different control technologies consisting of in-house microprocessor solution and PLC with PC technology.

Nevertheless we often face the decision that we would have to actually use a different technology. However, this would entail a slew of problems because there are too different standards with the suppliers of control technology. These different standards may be benefiting for the suppliers retaining their customers, however, for us as users these different standards are a horror. That makes the change difficult and obstructs thereby in turn the necessary innovation. 

(H. Lautenbach, Schröder Maschinenbau GmbH) 26th February 2010.



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