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Electrical equipment 2008 - 2021 September

Sales of electrical equipment overcome down trend since October 2018

Update November 16th, 2021 - After the world economy crisis production of electrical equipment climbed out from its crisis trough. Its yearly trend (dashed line in the diagram) reached its top in February 2012 with 106.0 index points without having hit the pre-crisis level (107.5).


Afterwards production dropped somewhat and established four years stagnation with ups and downs up to the end of year 2016.

Production electrical equipment in Germany from 2008 to 2021.

2017 saw a renewed growth trend, which in October 2018 reached the previous peak of 108.2 index points - just above the pre-crisis level of 107.5 index points, 10 years earlier.

The production trend then fell again to 92.2 index points in September 2020, the lowest level since the global economic crisis of 2008/2009.

Since then, the production trend has been pointing upwards until September 2021. Overall, there is still a minus in the production trend of 1.9% per year since October 2018.

Sales of electrical equipment overcome down trend since October 2018

The sales trend (dashed line in the diagram) already exceeded the pre-crisis level (103.5) in October 2011 and thus ended the crisis in this sector. The sales trend peaked at the beginning of 2012 with 106.0 index points.

Sales of electrical equipment resp. automation in Germany from 2008 until 2021.

Thereafter, sales and production entered a four-year phase of stagnation.

A renewed growth trend in October 2018 reached the previous peak of 110.7 index points.

The subsequent downward trend led to a low of 99.5 index points in September 2020. 

The following upward trend reached the high of October 2018 (110.7) with 111.5 index points, thus ending the downward trend since October 2018 in September 2021.

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