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More resources for automation technology

News concerning the resources for automation technology. Regarding rare earths see "Rare earths and automation technology".

Falling prices for important resources for automation

October 15th, 2013 - Prices have recently fallen of some important inputs for the automation technology after they had skyrocketed in the previous years according to a report from the Financial Times on October 14th, 2013.



Flatscreens, e.g. for Human Machine Interfaces need iridium. Its price has dropped by 43% to a three and-a-haly year low since the beginning of 2013.



Prices for iridium 2008 - 2013.
Source:, 15.10.2013.

Hard-disk drives, e.g. for PC-based control systems need ruthenium. Its price has decreased by a third since mid-July to its lowest since 2005.


According to the the reason may be that the building of capacities in stock and production during the previous years has come to the end.

Price for ruthenium 2008 - 2013.
Source:, 15.10.2013.
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