Product segments of the sector packaging machines 2015

The market shares of packaging machines' product segments and their average values

The average value of packaging machines has been changing in three stages since 2008. Its changes are connected with changes of the export markets as a separate report indicates. This report highlights how the sinking average value affects the three product segment of the packaging machine sector.

Packaging machines.

August12th, 2016 - The average value of packaging machines (blue colored background in the chart) changes in three stages from 2008 to 2015.

After the outbreak of the economic crisis 2009/2009 the average value sinks until 2011 by 14% from €67,000, then rises by 34% to over €89,000 until 2014 and drops again by 5% to €85,000 in 2015. These changes are accompanied, as a separate report points out, by a change in the export markets.

Production and sales per packaging machine from 2008 to 2015.

However, the trend for the renewed sinking of the average values of packaging machines does not show up unified in three product segments of the sector.


These three product segments are filling and sealing machines, cartoner, case packing systems a.o. and cleaning machines.


The following chart shows the proportions of these product segments of the entire sector regarding number of machines and value of the machines.

The shares of the product segments such as cleaning machines, fill and sealing machines and case packing at the sector 2015.

Filling and sealing machines coin the packaging machine sector with a share of almost 80% of all produced packaging machines and a share of two thirds of the value of all produced packaging machines.


Cartoner, case packer systems cover a fifth up to a quarter of the sector, cleaning machines for the beverage industry and other packaging means show a small proportion of below ten percent.

Value per cleaning machine, fill machine and cartoner from 2008 to 2015.

The average value of filling and sealing machines decreases by 8% from€79,000 to €72,400, that of the cartoner and case packing systems rises by 4% to €125,400 and the average value of the cleaning machines snaps by 40% up to €222,500.

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